3 Poets Volume 2

It’s go time!

3 Poets Volume 2 is now available — 50 copies

If you don’t yet know the work of either Jose Pepe Arroyo or Mike Mahoney, my two compatriots in the American trio on display here, I suspect you will someday soon. Both have been writing with the passion and insight necessary to carry them over the years, and, to my mind anyways, both are criminally under-published. That puts the folks at East London Press on the cutting edge, and makes this an especially exciting book to be a part of.

The book is described as: "A super slim volume of poetry, letter pressed, hand-sewn, hand bound and pocket sized. Featuring the work of Mike Mahoney, Hosho McCreesh & Jose Arroyo. The books are of such dimensions as to be easily fitted into the back pocket of your jeans. Sexy is what they are and exclusive is what they will always remain.”

Publication date - 30th August 2019. Pre-orders now welcome. £4.99 per book plus P&P

East London Press, and all the gorgeous things they’re getting up to, is yet another outfit in the small but loyal crew of small presses out there working hard to Keep Books Dangerous, all of whom are worthy of whatever support feels right for you. Their books typically sell out, so if you know you want a copy — sooner is better than later. The book’s got a blend of old and new work from me, none of it published anywhere (if I’ve kept my bookkeeping straight), plus a chance to get to know Arroyo and Mahoney.

That’s a whole lotta love for your back pocket!

Something Like Forgiveness

Congratulations to Rebecca Schumejda, whose terrific new book is available from Stubborn Mule Press. Rebecca asked me to do some collage for the book, and little did I know the text and the images would pull together so well. It’s really a triumph for her, as she bravely pushes herself into some difficult new poetic territory, writing raw and close to the bone about a recent family tragedy. I consider it an honor to have just a small part in this ferocious and honest book, and encourage anyone reading this to go give it a look. The folks at Stubborn Mule went big, doing beautiful full-color art within the pages of this book-length rumination on potentially forgiving the unforgivable.


Ben Devos over at Clash Magazine was kind enough to give Chinese Gucci a read and here’s a taste of what he had to say:

It’s about that time in life, just beyond youth, where you’re not old enough to have a full scope of the consequences to your actions, but old enough for people to hold you accountable. It’s about that first realization in the real world that you shouldn’t trust everyone and that the people you should keep closest are the ones who have cared all along.
— Ben Devos, Clash Magazine

Read the review HERE.

(UPDATE)...And Then There Were None...

Don’t Stop…Get It. Get It…

Don’t Stop…Get It. Get It…

That’s it.

Just (update) zero Mini-Collage Bookmark Trade Paperbacks of Chinese Gucci remain.

These fifty signed, numbered editions come with an original, bookmark-sized mini-collage plus the free Leeches of Lore album download, and some other freebies. — plus an inscription (if you want one).

(UPDATE) they’re gone!

*note: I will offer standard trade paperback editions, often with a little something thrown in, and, as always, a free signature and/or inscription if you’d like via my store. Order HERE

GUCCI Goings-On at the HQ…

Mind Blown!

Mind Blown!

The HQ is buzzing because books are being packed up and will soon be sent out. The hardbacks need one final piece of design, then they too will be in the wind. Many thank yous to those who’ve bought special editions — you know you make me feel good, don’t cha? A paltry few copies of the mini-collage trade paperback remain, otherwise I’ll soon have standard editions available at the STORE, and you can find e-book editions at both Smashwords and Kindle, and print copies from the mega-giant you-know-where (who doesn’t need any extra help from me).

The Next Best Book Club put Chinese Gucci through the Page 69 Test, the results of which can be read HERE

Also, HYPERTEXT Magazine was nice enough to ask me “WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO MAKE YOUR PROTAGONIST SO ABRASIVE?” — and you can read why HERE.