Still THIRSTY After All These Years...

Shochu in Korea

Way back in 2013, when THIRST first came out, some of you might remember all the DrunkSkull stickers and sundry that made its way around the world. Well, just this yesterday, another sticker landed in another faraway locale -- and here's the photographic evidence (with many thanks to Jocelyn!!)

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If you've ever wondered why all the best TV ain't on network TV...well, it's the same reason all the exciting beer comes from microbreweries, and all the dangerous books come from the small press! CONNECT THE DOTS HERE.

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William Taylor, Jr's To Break the Heart of the Sun -- the man hasn't written a bad book yet!

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Hail, Caesar! - The breezy Coen Bros. romp hides the subtle soul-searching at the core.