The Hand-Made Collage-Cover Hardbacks...

For those who wondered what the hell I was even talking about, or how it was all going to work as a book…here is your first glimpse. And while there are still a handful of things to do before they can be shipped off into the wild, we are getting damn close.

So if you have already ordered, they’re likely only a couple weeks away from being in your hands!

And if you haven’t ordered, well…you can rectify that HERE!

The Twisted Mash-Up

Despite being relatively new to it, I'm a huge fan of collage. The twisted mash-up of found images and ideas speaks directly to my inner provocateur, and I love the process of finding great source material and hand-making these little gems.

To help fund some future publishing endeavors, I've decided to put some of my originals up for sale. I think everyone should have original art on their walls, so I price things accordingly. Anyone interested, feel free to shop my STORE for the pieces currently on offer. As some sell, I will replace them with others -- so check back every so often.


While awaiting the arrival of BLOOD-RED, I made a page for my most recent hobby (see below).

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COLLAGE - Perhaps it's a result of nervous energy, or maybe it's just been a long time coming, and I finally sat down to goof with it. Whatever the case, I'm digging the results! And big props to X-Ray Book Co. for the inspiration...their Kut-Uup project was very cool! I post these on Instagram if you want to see them there, but for those without an account, you can have a look-see HERE!