Past Ten + A View From the Keyboard...


And so time marches on…

Here’s to hoping you are all warm, safe, happy, and not too hungover, and don’t have to be to work today! Unless you want or need to be, and don’t really mind. I hope you got to spend time with family and friends over the past couple weeks, or just relax next to a fire, or in a warm tub, or even just lounge about in a robe all day, drinking White Russians and watching The Big Lebowski.

If you have a few minutes and are curious about A VIEW FROM THE KEYBOARD of yours truly, you can see a pic of the spot I did a fair amount of writing and editing of Chinese Gucci, and read a little excerpt too. And if you woke up wondering “where was Hosho ten years ago today,” you’re in luck…as I’ve written about exactly that (and about my tumultuous relationship with ambition) over at PAST TEN. I’d like to thank the editors of both spots for giving me a little space to blather on, and, of course, to you all for your interest and support.

Happy 2019 to you and yours!

Burning River and the Alibi...


Chris Bowen, who I’ve shared a press and a cover designer with over the years, was kind enough to give me some space to ramble (and post my cool bookmaking video) over at his Burning River blog. It was a good time, and speaks a bit to how and why we should each find our own way. You can read it HERE.

And the Arts Editor Maggie Grimason over at The Alibi asked me a few questions about Chinese Gucci, which was mighty kind of her! Pop on over for a read and maybe let them know you enjoyed it…and possibly even defend me against my (actual, truly) good buddy Craig’s slanderous (and hilarious) claims!

This Podcast Will Change Your Life

Yellow Placard.png

Chinese Gucci: The Podacst!

This wide-ranging chat with your friend and mine, Ben Tanzer, was a heck of a good time. A big thank you to Ben for having me on again, and for all the behind-the-scenes help trying to get the book out there. If you are stuck in traffic or an elevator for 1 hour and 8 minutes or just want to hear more about the forthcoming Chinese Gucci, give it a listen.

n.b: Pre-Sale Pricing on the special editions ends November 5th. That’s just four days, for anyone keeping score. Get your copy now for less.

Chinese Gucci COLLAGE COVER #6

The last of the Chinese Gucci collage cover videos, made before your very eyes via the wonders of time-lapse photography!

And while we’re at it, the most recent blurb video — with thanks to Rebecca Schumejda, Lori Hettler of The Next Best Book Club, and Tony O’Neill:

And speaking of Rebecca Schumedja, here’s a Q&A we did over at Albany Poets. I don’t know about my blather, but Becky asks a helluva good bunch of questions!

A quick bit of housekeeping: Pre-Sale pricing for the remaining special editions ends on November 5th — which means you’ve got just over 2 weeks to take advantage.

If an e-book copy is what you’re after, here’s a link to the page over at Smashwords.

Just over a month now until books start landing in your hands. We’ve got some fun stuff planned between now and then, but I wanted to say thanks, again, for all your support — I truly couldn’t have done it all without you.