Chinese Gucci T-Shirts...

As part of the forthcoming Chinese Gucci promotional juggernaut, I will be making T-shirts. Not those cheapo, scratchy shirts either -- we're talking some seriously comfy ones (Next Level, for those in the know)!

Here's a rough design. It may well change, so don't hold me to it!

T Rough.png

At first blush, they look to cost about $15...give or take (depending on how many I need to make). an effort to get an idea how many I'll need, I've built this handy T-SHIRT RESERVATION FORM.

If you're interested in a shirt, click the button below (UPDATE: Button removed - reservation period over) and fill in your information. Through the magic of the Intro-mo-webs, it will build me a list of numbers and sizes, so a shirt gets made especially for you. If you want more than 1 shirt, just fill out the form again -- once per shirt.

Please note that the shirts won't be finished for a couple months yet, but I will certainly e-mail you a link just as soon as they are ready.

*Note: Filling out the form doesn't ask you PURCHASE a shirt yet, nor does it obligate you to buy yours once they're made...I'm just trying to get a ballpark number for my order.